ZED&L and the green turn of logistics

Intelligent charging from sustainable sources, smart-metering, control and management: ZED&L, the Smart Energy & Logistics project from Rome.

ZED&L proposes the implementation of a new logistics-distribution model for distribution in urban contexts with a series of goals:
1. Identifying the best logistic solution for distribution in ZTL (Zona a Traffico Limitato, traffic-restricted zone) areas that complies with criteria such as zero emissions (CO2=0) and drastic reductions in levels of noise pollution;
2. Making the model replicable and reproducible at the national and international levels of the distribution logistics sector;
3. Promoting and fostering the creation and development of both public and private green logistics companies at the national and international levels;
4. Developing a platform for the governance of the energy and logistics system (smart dashboard), as an operational tool for planning and optimizing logistics;
5. Alining management costs to the traditional logistics model by reducing costs associated with physical distribution. .

ZED&L means zero impact, from well to wheel

Name of project:

ZED&L – Zero Emission Distribution and Logistics


18 month



Target Markets:



European Commission (EC), Region of Lazio

Call of proposals:

POR FESR LAZIO 2014-2020. Public Notice “Sustainable and intelligent mobility”

Total investment of the project:

€ 1.537.358

Contribution funded:

€ 1.024.789


The intial operational model sees a series of strategic goals. Starting from a proximity hub 12 km away from Rome’s city centre (Tiburtina – Gra area), the distribution of 80 to 200 daily deliveries in ZTL areas is undertook by 3 to 7 electrical vehicles. These vehicles are characterized by a 2.2 t payload, an autonomy at full load of about 110 to 140 km, and can adapt to up to 21% slopes. These electric vehicles have the additional, intrinsic advantage of freely accessing ZTL areas, as traffic is there restriced on the base of the vehicle’s emission levels.

The warehouse / hub of proximity is covered with 300 – 400 sqmt of latest-generation photovoltaic panels, used to power the charging stations of the electric vehicles used for the physical distribution of goods.

The execution of the organizational model of ZED&L is orchestrated thorugh an integrated Smart Energy & Logistics platform, for a truly impactless management of distribution from well to wheel. The platform comprehends heterogenous techonologies:

  1. Full-electric vehicles;
  2. Intelligent charging infrastructure;
  3. Smart-metering systems;
  4. Control and management softwares for the definition of optimized routes for goods, fleet and loads, considering:
    a. Goods delivery schedules;
    b. Actual availability of electrical energy on the vehicle and at the charging station;
    c. Actual autonomy of vehicles with respect to the type of route;
  5. Control and monitoring dashboard for the governance of the operative model.


The ZED&L platform, created by logistics operators (Mancinelli Due, Laziale Distribuzione, Tra.ser, Università di Cassino e del Lazio Meridionale), enabled the implementation of a sustainable logistic paradigm with several advantages and competitive strengths:

  1. LESS POLLUTION: and not just environmental pollution. In addition to zero emissions (CO2, NOX, PMX), a remarkable decrease in acoustic pollution was also registered;
  2. A REPEATABLE MODEL: the ZED&L platform can be thought about as a success story with an accurare, repeatable and traceable nature that elevates it to an easy-to-implement framework in national and international contexts;
  3. TURNING GREEN WITHOUT GOING RED: ZED&L proposes a feasible and sustainable change of the logistics of the future, without losing sight of the business value and competitivity and fostering full optimization of the managment costs it generates.

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