Our Avatar: a human-like virtual assistant

Automating corporate processes through an NLP chatbot

A human-like virtual assistant capable of interacting with people in a rapid and fluid manner, trained to perform specific tasks.  An NLP Chatbot, born from the best Deep Learning technologies for Face-recognition and Text-To-Speech & Speech-To-Text tools. 


A Chatbot with human-like features, that can recognise faces and body language

Name of the project:

Avatar PI


11 months




Deep Learning: Natural Language Processing, Image Recognition

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Our client needed help in performing certain tasks. Spindox Labs proposed the automatization of certain internal processes through the development of a corporate ChatBot tailored to the needs of the client. 

At first, the Chatbot was created as a conversational tool with which to educate the Avatar.

IBM Watson was implied as the managing engine of this dialogue. IBM Watson allowed us to move the handling of the dialogue directly onto the IBM platform, without altering the code: this made it possible to realise a Virtual Assistant that can handle any dialogue, without having to modify the Avatar coding. We chose to integrate the WebSpeechApi in the Chrome browser, to achieve very low latencies and an understanding of language that is largely superior to other systems. 

By joining these two services, we were able to create a system that can achieve an optimal understanding of language, as well as a great elasticity in the setup of both Text-To-Speech and Speech-To-Text. 


  • A front-end that allows the on-screen visualisation of the Virtual Assistant, which is expressive and has human-like features. This interface hosts both the conversation transcript and the visualisation of the retrieved information. 
  • An NLP Chat Bot to interpret the conversation, classify the research intents and elaborate answers. 
  •  Deep Learning algorithms for Face Recognition, to allow the chatbot to recognise registered users. 
  • Neural networks to personalise the dialogue with the Avatar after facial recognition.


The Chatbot we created is not a simple voice bot, but a proper and expressive virtual assistant, equipped with a human-looking interface. The Virtual Assistant is therefore able to autonomously interact with the Poste Italiane employees and carry out some of their tasks: 


  • Book a meeting room 
  • Organise meetings  
  • Search through contacts in the corporate phonebook 
  • Retrieve information on colleagues’ activities   


    Furthermore, the Avatar PI is always operative, 24/7. Thanks to its Face Recognition system, it can recognise every registered user and establish a personal conversation with him or her.


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